Monday, 18 October 2010

Fragrance-at new heights is a blog/website which explores the world of fragrance with scrutiny. A relatively new blog, online since March 2010 and written by Berlin-based editor Lena Brombacher whose interest in sophisticated perfumery transcends in fashion and major brands by giving an insight into some of the best niche perfumes on the market. "A lot of big brands try to sell their products as the most amazing stuff ever, I try everything on the market but I don't write about the mainstream".
Brombacher explains that she has a hyper-sensitive nose- I smell everything perfume, flowers, food, people, apartments, streets, cities....I smell if a person is already in the office or smell fire before anyone else does. Lena's friends once told her that it is impossible to write about smell, but there are many perfume blogs and people love to communicate and get inspired. What Lena tries to do is create an image of the fragrance.
Recently was the official media partner of the famous perfume fair Pitti fragranze.

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